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Car Care Tips That You Shouldn't Ignore

We here at automotive stuff pride ourselves on trying to provide the best for our customers, as we understand that they want the best for their cars. However, it sometimes goes that people delay or skip getting their car serviced, maybe because it just slipped their minds, or they're too busy, or for some other reason. This is a no-no, as this will lead to huge problems down the line, which means huge costs down the line.

So we've compiled a little list of tips for care car that should never go unheeded, for your maintenance needs.

Read the manual.

The people here at automotive stuff believe that this should really go without saying. No one knows your cars more than the people who made them, so when they go through the trouble of making an owner's manual for people, read it.It'll teach you the things you need to make sure your car runs as well as it can.

Check your fluids regularly.

All of your car's fluids need regularly checking, preferably monthly. Brake fluid, engine coolant, oil, power steering and washer fluids, all should maintained and watched. A lot of auto repair facilities say that owners tend to miss problems regarding brake fluids, transmission fluid and engine coolant, and we here at automotive stuff see it; a lot of people come in for replacement to the parts that these fluids interact with.

Test your battery.

The typical life span of a car battery is about three to five years, depending on how hot its climes are. The recommendation for car batteries is to have it tested by the third year-mark and then every year following that.

Check your tires.

Another thing that people sadly forget is to check their tires, even if it's one of the most important steps of ensuring car safety, and car maintenance. Tire pressure should be checked weekly, alongside tread depth. Modern tires tend to have a tread bar which tell you whether or not your tire has lost enough depth that it needs replacing.

Ensure that the wiper blades work.

For the best visibility in less-than ideal weather, make sure that windshield wipers are in tiptop shape. If they streak the windshield and/or miss spots, then that's a clear sign they need changing. Winter demand specialized wiper blades, which have rubber in order to stave off ice and snow buildup.

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Braking system is a necessary component that is required for the safety and security of the passengers travelling in a car. All the cars have front and rear brakes that aid in instant control of the car. There are two types of brakes, disc brakes and drum brakes. The brakes are made with a combination of hydraulic braking system and brake pads. The friction between the brakes causes the vehicle to stop when pressure is applied on the brake pedal. Automotive stuff has a wide collection of braking systems and its individual parts.

Automotive stuff are reputed online sellers of car performance parts and accessories. We supply authorized spare parts manufactured by leading companies. We are a team of car lovers focused on providing services of high quality. Our range of braking products includes Brake kits, brake rotors, brake pads, brake parts, brake lines and hoses, brake callipers, parking brakes, brake master cylinders and braking fluid.  We offer genuine parts manufactured by reputed companies like EBC brakes, Hawk performance,Power Stop,Brembo and many more.

Regular maintenance is required to keep the braking system functioning efficiently. The important components of the braking system consist of braking callipers, brake pads and brake rotors. These components should be regularly checked to keep the braking system functioning at optimum capacity. Regular maintenance of the braking system includes checking the brake pads and replacing them whenever necessary, inspecting the brake rotors and maintaining the correct level of braking fluid in the cylinder. Using high quality fluid manufactured by popular companies also plays an important role in maintaining the efficiency of the braking system. The next step is to check the brake rotors. These are the rotating discs that slow down the vehicle when pressure is applied on the brake pad. These rotors suffer from wear and tear due to regular usage and may need a regular replacement.

Buying high quality braking systems and spare braking parts from reputed dealers like Automotive stuff ensures safety and security of the vehicle and passengers. We sell parts of reputed manufacturers at attractive prices and offer extended warranties on the parts. Car owners can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is fitted with high quality braking system.

Three Tips To Choose A Trusted Dealer For Your Automotive Stuff

More and more car owners are opting to order spare parts from online stores. Online sites are a great option for people who want to reduce costs and get the good quality products delivered at their door step. Online shopping saves a lot of time and money invested in searching for good garage, which sells genuine spare parts. This trend has led to the mushrooming of a number of online sites that deal in vehicle spare parts. But it is important for the customers to differentiate between fake sites and genuine ones like Automotive Stuff. The genuine sites offer good quality spares from trusted manufacturers.

Automotive Stuff is a trusted online store for automotive spares. We are the reliable dealers for spare parts of premium car brands. We have the best selection of different exterior and interior replacement parts for your car. All the parts are manufactured by reputed manufacturers in the industry. We guarantee the best quality products at the lowest market prices. The company passes on the good deals we get from the manufacturers directly to the clients. The huge price advantage and the quality promise is our main USP. Our easy exchange and refund policy is another value addition to our spotless service.

Tips to selected trusted online sites for automotive spares


Always verify the quality standards of the different parts supplied by the online dealer. Check the reviews of previous clients and ratings for the store on different sites that offer dealer ratings. Have a talk with the sales representatives to get a better understanding of the product and the services offered by the store.


Compare the prices of the replacement parts. You can search online websites and visit some spare parts stores in your neighbourhood to get an idea of the prevailing market price. However, do not depend only on the price; quality of the product is also an important aspect, when you are investing in replacement parts. Good online stores like Automotive Stuff offer high quality products at lowest market price.


Delivery time and return policy are also important indicators of the trust worthiness of an online store. Reputed online stores like Automotive Stuff, supply the parts on the promised date. The easy returns and refund policy safeguards the buyers interest, if they are not satisfied with the quality of the product or if the product is not delivered with required specifications.