Car Care Tips That You Shouldn't Ignore

We here at automotive stuff pride ourselves on trying to provide the best for our customers, as we understand that they want the best for their cars. However, it sometimes goes that people delay or skip getting their car serviced, maybe because it just slipped their minds, or they're too busy, or for some other reason. This is a no-no, as this will lead to huge problems down the line, which means huge costs down the line.

So we've compiled a little list of tips for care car that should never go unheeded, for your maintenance needs.

Read the manual.

The people here at automotive stuff believe that this should really go without saying. No one knows your cars more than the people who made them, so when they go through the trouble of making an owner's manual for people, read it.It'll teach you the things you need to make sure your car runs as well as it can.

Check your fluids regularly.

All of your car's fluids need regularly checking, preferably monthly. Brake fluid, engine coolant, oil, power steering and washer fluids, all should maintained and watched. A lot of auto repair facilities say that owners tend to miss problems regarding brake fluids, transmission fluid and engine coolant, and we here at automotive stuff see it; a lot of people come in for replacement to the parts that these fluids interact with.

Test your battery.

The typical life span of a car battery is about three to five years, depending on how hot its climes are. The recommendation for car batteries is to have it tested by the third year-mark and then every year following that.

Check your tires.

Another thing that people sadly forget is to check their tires, even if it's one of the most important steps of ensuring car safety, and car maintenance. Tire pressure should be checked weekly, alongside tread depth. Modern tires tend to have a tread bar which tell you whether or not your tire has lost enough depth that it needs replacing.

Ensure that the wiper blades work.

For the best visibility in less-than ideal weather, make sure that windshield wipers are in tiptop shape. If they streak the windshield and/or miss spots, then that's a clear sign they need changing. Winter demand specialized wiper blades, which have rubber in order to stave off ice and snow buildup.